Our Vyasanakere Iron Ore Mine, an open cast iron ore mine, is located in the Bellary-Hospet region of Karnataka State and is one of the largest Iron Ore mines in the private sector in this region. The mine is located within a 347.22 hectare area and is located about 2.5 Km from the National Highway No.13. By road the mine is approx. 23 Km south of Hospet and 413 Km east of the seaport of Goa.

The Vyasanakere railway station is only 3 Km from the mine and is accessible by a dedicated road that runs between the mine and the railway sidings, providing direct rail access to several regional and major cities and ports. By rail the Station is around 12 Km south of Hospet and 573 Km west of the seaport of Chennai.

VIOM is one of the largest Iron Ore mine in the private sector in the Bellary-Hospet region of Karnataka State. Float ore mining activity for Iron Ore began here during 1962. Mechanization began in 1977 with the introduction of excavators and payloaders. Presently, the mine is mechanized to handle approximately seven million metric tons of ore and waste per annum.

In 1981, a small-scale processing plant was installed, and in 1991, a downhill conveyor system was introduced. A beneficiation plant was introduced in 1993 and a larger capacity crushing and beneficiation plant was added in 2002.

According to the Behre Dolbear review of our iron resources and reserves, the Vyasanakere mine is estimated to have 20.83 million tonnes of proven Iron Ore reserves at an average grade of 65.0% Fe, and 8.53 million tonnes of probable Iron Ore reserves at an average grade of 64.5% Fe, for a total of 29.36 million tonnes of reserves at an overall average grade of 64.8% Fe.

Mining & Processing

VIOM is a fully mechanized, open-cast mine with a downhill conveyor system that transports Iron Ore from the mine directly to our on-site processing facilities, which include two primary processing plants with throughputs of 350 and 150 metric tons per hour, respectively, and a reprocessing plant with a throughput of 200 metric tons per hour. To get additional railway rakes allotment, some of the ore mined at VIOM is transported 26 kilometres by road to Ingiligi village, for further processing at the MSPL Export’s processing plant, which, will be acquired by us as part of our acquisition of MSPL Exports effective April 1, 2006.

MSPL Exports now called as MSPL EOU-II. Another 100% EOU is established at Vyasanakere Iron Ore Mine for crushing and screening.

Crushing & Screening Plant

In the primary processing plants the ore is initially crushed and screened into three categories of material:

  • Fines (0-10 mm)
  • Calibrated lump ore (10-35 mm)
  • Oversize (+35 mm)

Oversize ore is sent to our secondary crusher, where it is further crushed into fines and calibrated lump ore. This calibrated lump ore is sent to the reprocessing plant, where excess fines are removed. These fines are further wet screened and classified into:

  • Aggregates (1-10 mm)
  • Concentrates (0-1 mm)
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