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Avanti P180
The Avanti is the only aircraft able to combine the performance of a jet with the efficiency of a turbo-prop. Crusing at a maximum speed of 395 KTAS, the Avanti is a fast, or even faster than some jets. With altitudes of up to 41000 feet, it leaves the competing turboprops to battle the wind and weather below.Unique outside-in construction. Internal structure is riveted to pre-formed aluminum skin from inside for an uncompromisingly smooth exterior. The Avanti flight deck is an integrated design, easy-to-use and certified for single-pilot operation.Comfort and quietnessThe quietest, most comfortable cabin in its class with luxurious space found only in larger jets, accommodates up to nine passengers. It Features 69 inches ( 1.75 m ) of headroom and 72 inches ( 1.83 m ) of width.First-Class seats a variety of interiors combinations, stand-up full- privacy lavatory, refreshment center and other amenities will please the most discriminating passengers with a level of comfort that defies conventional classification.                
Capacity   2 Pilots + 7 Passengers
Power Plant   P&Wc PT6A-66B Twine engine  
Max Cruise Speed 262 Knots
Vintage   JUNE 2008  
Regn No.   VT-RNB
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