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 The current positions, which we are recruiting for are given below:

  Geophysicist / Sr. Geophysicist
  Sr.Manager / AGM – Operation
  Associate Manager – Finance & Accounts Online application Download application form Email Application
  Senior level position in Corporate Communication Online application Download application form Email Application
  Vice President / General Manager - Finance & Accounts Online application Download application form Email Application
  Project Manager - Exploration Online application Download application form Email Application
  Engineer SAP - ABAP Online application Download application form Email Application
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Work Location: West Bengal / Rajasthan.
Work Experience:   3 to 6 years.
Educational Qualification: M.Sc(Geophysics).

Job Description:
  • To organize & carry out ground geophysical survey specially magnetic and resistivity.
  • To interpret and facilitate interpretation of field observation data including the multichannel, aeromagnetic maps.
  • To apply software and interpret, correlate the geological and geochemical signatures with geophysical anomalies and help in target the exploration data.
  • To handle the ground geophysical instruments.
  • To access database of geophysical data after procuring it from GSI/MECL/State DMG or other sources for use & interpretation in our applied prospecting areas.
  • To carry out geophysical SP,IP gravity magnetic and resistivity to target mineral potentials.
  • Create small team of geophysicists to independently carry out the survey and interpreted the data.
  • Develop the understanding of identifying mineralization of Rare earths materials (Scandium, Yttrium, Lanthanum, Cerium, Praseodymium etc) & base metals (Iron, Nickel, zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver etc).
  • Target areas of work are in various states of India.
  • Any other work assigned to you from time to time.

Note : We require candidates with experience in exploration of Base Metals (Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc etc..) or Rare Earth Materials only.
Location : MSPL Pellet Plant, Koppal.
Experience :    15 to 18 years.
Education Background : BE (Mechanical).
Industry to focus : Pelletization Manufacturing of Pelletization Manufacturing of Wet Grinding with Grate-Kiln Technology.

Job Description :
  • Production of Quality pellets for various customers, meeting the targets on daily basis with optimum use of available resources and facilities.
  • Smooth & Trouble free operation of Iron ore grinding ball mills, Roller Mill for Bentonite + Coal grinding, Tripper Conveyors and other conveyors Balling Discs, Travelling Grate, Rotary Kiln, Annular Cooler ESP and Process Fans etc.
  • Routine check up of all equipments & ensuring them in good working condition. Taking necessary corrective action in case of any abnormalities.
  • Liasioning with other departments like Mech., I&H, Elect. Process Control etc. and arranging for facilities required for smooth operation of the Plant.
  • Analysing Quality reports time to time & taking necessary corrective & preventive actions thereby ensuring conformance to specifications.
  • Analyzing daily / monthly production and quality report and initiating steps towards cost reduction such as reducing oil / power consumption, wastages, minimizing idle time etc.
  • Coordinating with transporters (shipping agents) for Receipt of Iron ore fines (through road, train or ships), Stockpile space management like Planning stacking of Iron ore fines depending on Ore quality, Blending and Conveying the same to the plant based on daily production plan, Stacking of finished product (Pellets) and planning for reclaiming the same.
  • Carrying logistics like iron ore requirement, furnace oil requirement, Lime, Bentonite and coke requirements, clean water requirement etc. on daily basis.
  • Inspection and mechanical maintenance of all plant conveyors and heavy-duty process fans during plant stoppages & Maintenance of burners and burner ports (as a part of Performance Contract with the company).
  • Coordinating with the contractor in carrying out furnace refractory jobs during annual shut down of the plant (CAPTIVE REPAIRS).

Desired Skills :
  • Team Player
  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
Work Location : MSPL Pellet Plant, Koppal.
Experience :    3 to 5 years (Manufacturing industry background is mandatory).
Qualification : CA / ICWAI.

Roles & Responsibilities :
  • Managing Sr.Creditors and Sr.Debtors.
  • Monitoring Asset Capitalization.
  • Statutory Compliances related to IT, TDS, ST, CST, VAT etc.
  • Ledger Scrutiny.
  • Inventory valuation.
  • Reconsiliation and Finalisation of Acc.
  • Preparation of Balance Sheet and P/L Acc.
  • Preparing MIS Reports.
  • Coordination for Statutory Audit, Tax Audit and Internal Audit.
  • Preparation of Budget.
  • New Project Evaluation.

Job Location: Koppal.
Experience:   10 to 20 years.
Educational Qualification:
       UG:     Graduate
       PG:     Mass Communication, LLB

Job Description:
  • Responsible for all liasioning and public relations related activates for Koppal.
  • Liaison with DMG, Revenue dept, Police, RTO, Gram Panchayat and other govt. agencies.
  • Liaison with Govt agencies relating to licenses, clearances ,permits, land aquestion etc.
  • To Develop & maintain the relationship with local, social organization and media.
  • Liaison with Govt Officials.
  • Liaison With Locals, Villages etc.
  • Coordination relation with media persons.
  • Strong oral & written Communication in English & kannada.
Job Location: Hospet.
Experience:    20 to 28 years.
Educational Qualification: and CA.

Job Description:
  • Financial Planning & Management of the group.
  • Funding of growth including debt equity raising and working capital.
  • Fund Management & Budgeting.
  • Project Evaluation.
  • Management of Accounts & Costing.
  • Banking operations and coordination with financial institutions and Banks.
  • Management audit and risk management.
  • Managing corporate affairs, interaction and interface with senior group company executives for driving the overall business/financial goals.
  • Finalization of statements of accounts complying with accounting standards.
  • Attending statutory auditors and internal auditors.
  • Optimization of funds utilization, accounting & monitoring of projects/ capital assets.
  • Tax planning and management of direct and indirect taxes.
  • Projects evaluation, MIS & costing, budgets, statutory compliances, export & import EOU/DGFT matters.
  • Working capital management.
  • Banking & treasury operations and IFRS /IFS, GAAP,IPO.
Job Location: Hospet.
Experience:    5 to 15 years.
Educational Qualification: M.Sc/M.Tech (Geology/Applied Geology).

Job Description:
  • Co-ordinate and execute projects as per the guidelines provided by the top Management.
  • To lead, manage and provide day to day guidance to the field geologists.
  • To scout for areas of REE/ Base Metals/Gold/ Iron ore/BIF and evaluate for acquisition in India and abroad.
  • Evaluation of new prospects, formulation of exploration strategy and priority if any.
  • To impart state of art exploration methods and techniques and Training to field geologists.
  • Integration and interpretation of exploration data.
  • Application of software for the interpretation of field and laboratory data.
Job Location : Corporate Office, Hospet.
Experience:    2+ years.
Educational Qualification : B.E (Comp. Science) / MCA.

Roles & Responsibilities :
  • New Development (Development of smart forms, Development of BADI, BAPI, BTE, BDC, etc.)
  • Debugging & Bug fires.
  • Value Addition and MIS Reporting.
  • Custom Modification.
  • Module pool, ALV Reports.
  • Working with HR ABAP (Info type, Creation and Modification).
  • Creation of tables, data types, data elements and domains, transparent pooled and clustered tables, creation of Z/Y tables.
  • Reports, creation of custom related info types.
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