The Abheraj Baldota Foundation
This foundation was established as the Abheraj Baldota Foundation (ABF) named after our Founder Chairman Shri Abheraj Hirachand Baldota who was well known as an industrialist, philanthropist and a social worker. The Foundation is a registered Charitable Trust, through which we route our contributions to social welfare including all our contributions to health care facilities and assistance towards health care. The Foundation since its inception in 1976 has been a vehicle for our social commitments and contributions.

We have provided financial support to poor families and members towards medical facilities and expenses. Support for patients with varied ailments was given by contributing to cover their costs of hospitalization, surgery and medical expenses. We have also contributed towards the functioning of hospitals which needed up gradation and addition of its hospital facilities. Contribution towards the purchase of an ambulance cum an emergency Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to a hospital was made, that undertakes cardiac surgery and care for poor people. Eye camps were conducted at the nearby hospital namely Nethralakshmi Vaidyalaya which helps people in screening eye diseases, following which a few were also able to undergo eye operations. We also gave donation to the Anandrishiji Hospital and Medical Research Center, Ahmednagar towards providing health services for poor and needy patients.

Other than contributing towards health and access to health in the Hospet region, we have also have made financial donations to an Endoscopy Research Foundation in Mumbai. Through our donations the Foundation has established the Abheraj Baldota Cancer Detection Center at the Institute of Advanced Endoscopy. This centre with its latest of technology provides for early detection and cure of cancer ailments, specifically that of the abdomen. The centre also has reservations for patients referred from Government or Municipal Hospital, thus providing access to those who do not have access to these facilities currently.

Looking beyond health care, community infrastructure facilities have also been addressed through our foundation. The ABF has contributed towards road illumination and also constructed bus stop near Vijayanagara College, Hospet for public use.

MSPL Limited and Baldota Group have touched and improved the lives of people in and around Hospet and villages around our mines and wind farms. Our belief in CSR resonates with the vision of our Founder Chairman, late Sri Abheraj H. Baldota, who believed in inclusive growth and ensuring the health of communities alongside MSPL’s growth. His ethos - 
“I am not the owner of wealth, but privileged trustee to serve the community with it”
continues to motivate us. The commitment, which started as social investments, has grown multifold in recent years.  We are among handful early movers in country in terms of sustainability reporting in accordance with GRI guidelines. In fact, we are one of the first mining companies to report in accordance with GRI.

We have adopted 10 villages around our mining area and wind farms to ensure a better quality of life for the village people. We have considered ‘family’ as a unit and are ensuring that each member of the unit is benefited with our various activities resulting into their sustainable development.

Various activities taken by MSPL Limited in this field are as under:
  • Encourage village children education by providing free notebooks, computers and trained teachers, organising special classes for 10th and 12th students, etc.

  • Provide utensils, water, grain storage facility to 15 Pre-Schools and six schools to support Government Mid Day Meals programme.

  • Has instituted scholarship programme to encourage poor talented students for their higher studies in Engineering and Medical fields.

  • Running computer training centre for rural unemployed youth.

  • Support the sports meet organised by education department every year at cluster and Taluk level. 
Health care and sanitation
  • Established a super specialty Abheraj Baldota Cancer Detection Centre at the Institute of Advanced Endoscopy, Mumbai. This centre is one of its kind in the country and is installed with one of the latest endoscopy equipments to help early detection and cure of cancer ailments.

  • Constructed 400 toilets with active people participation in villages thus helping in reduction of open air defecation due to lack of proper toilet facilities in these areas. Also constructed drainage to dispose waste water.

  • Established blood bank in Hospet and for ten years, it is serving the people of Hospet and around Hospet. On an average about 20 units of blood is served on daily basis.

  •  Organise health and eye screening and operation camps in the villages.

  • Providing drinking water to five villages where there is acute shortage of drinking water.
Support for poverty reduction.
  • Several Women’s Self Help Groups (SHGs) were formed for women empowerment and create alternative credit for rural families and relived from local money lenders.

  • Provide revolving fund for SHGs and link with bank for financial support.

  • Arrange six months training to women on tailoring and provide free sewing machines to continue their profession.

  • Create awareness about leadership and woman rights.
Public infrastructure development:
  • A number of activities have been successfully completed by us in terms of development of children parks, widening of roads, beautification of cross roads etc. in and around Hospet.

  •  Illumination 2 k m of Abheraj Baldota Road, Hospet. (a part of NH 63)

  • Constructed bus stop and walk over bridge at Vijayanagara College.
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